RandBall: Harvin says he's excited to 'play with an up-and-coming QB'

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • March 12, 2013 - 5:44 PM


Percy Harvin had a lot of interesting things to say at his introductory presser with the Seahawks. Most notable among them:


*Harvin said he is excited to "play with an up-and-coming QB," which is a compliment to Russell Wilson (whom he mentioned many other times) but also could be viewed as a shot at Christian Ponder, the young QB he played with the past two years in Minnesota.

*He started his presser thanking Minnesota and the fans. He also said he still has a great relationship with Leslie Frazier. Later, Harvin talked about his time with the Vikings, calling his four years "good" and naming Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson. Again, no Ponder. Maybe not intentional because you wouldn't put Ponder in that class, but still fuel to support this.

*He said he hasn't had a migraine in two years.

*As you can tell by the picture, he will wear No. 11 in Seattle. He wore that number in high school, he said. No. 12 is retired in Seattle in honor of "the 12th man."

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