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Letter of the Day (March 4): Growlers

  • March 4, 2013 - 11:57 AM

As the nation continues to focus on the triviality of sequester-related turmoil, papal retirement and Double O-bama’s not-so-super-secret drone program, I’d like to call Minnesotans attention to an issue of true significance: beer.

The recent revitalization of the local craft brew scene is due in large part to battles fought in the legislative arena. The 2011 effort that now allows Minnesota breweries to sell beer at on-site taprooms is but one historic example.

So what’s the next battle? Growlers.

Minnesota’s favorite beer container is under threat from an outdated piece of legislation that prevents local brewers from selling the popular jug once their production exceeds 3,500 barrels a year. In other words, once brewers prove their craft’s worthiness by meeting this production milestone, they can no longer sell it in its most appealing form.

Clearly this travesty deserves our immediate attention, but don’t worry, you can help. Go to the "Save the Growler" website and declare your support for the 64 ounces of freedom the growler represents. Beer drinkers unite!

Bill Boegeman, Minneapolis

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