Minneapolis police not reporting gun permit data

  • Blog Post by: Brandon Stahl
  • February 26, 2013 - 5:54 PM

Numerous Star Tribune stories on gun permits have cited numbers on permit holders who have been convicted of crimes.

On Monday, for example, we reported that since 2003, permit holder have been convicted of 124 crimes using a pistol, including 19 for assaults, 10 for carrying under the influence, six for drug-related crimes and one for a homicide.

Those numbers are likely far too low.

The Minneapolis Police Department hasn't been providing those numbers to the agency responsible for reporting the data, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, even though the department is required to do so by law. (see Subd. 20).

In the Sunday story, Minneapolis Police acknowledged not reporting the number of justifiable uses of firearms by permit holders, including three cases from 2010 to 2011.

After I asked whether the department was reporting crimes by permit holders, Sgt. Bill Palmer of the MPD said Tuesday morning via email the department had not.

I've asked the BCA for a response on the lack of reporting crime numbers, but when I asked the agency late Friday about the lack of reporting on justifiable uses, spokeswoman Jill Oliveira responded by email, "That data is required to be submitted to the BCA under Minnesota law."

The BCA provided me last week with the 2012 numbers on all crimes committed by permit holders in advance of Friday, when the final report is due to the legislature. Combined with reports from previous years, they show that permit holders were convicted of 1,458 crimes. But again, that doesn't include Minneapolis.

I asked Palmer if the MPD would be able to update its data for the 2012 report.

"As I said on Friday we will work with the BCA and internally to ensure compliance moving forward," he replied. "I don't see that happening by Friday."

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