Tips for taking wedding photos in winter

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  • February 20, 2013 - 2:02 PM

Winter weddings mean comfort-food favors, festive florals and scenic outdoor photos. Carrie Patterson, of Carrie Patterson Photography in snowy Wyoming, offers some tips and tricks for taking outdoor shots so you can avoid looking washed-out in the wintry weather.

Find a contrasting backdrop

“No matter the lighting situation, placing a bride in a white dress against a blank white canvas will cause the dress to blend in, and you’ll lose all the pretty details,” Patterson says. She advises scouting locations like a rustic barn, a large woodpile, a rock facade or a pine forest so the bride and groom stand out.

Dress warmly

You don’t want to shiver through your photo shoot. Wear a fur wrap during outdoor photos and have your groom don a warm wool jacket. “It looks sharp and keeps the chill off,” Patterson says.

Head indoors

In addition to outdoor shots, Patterson likes to shoot black-and-white photos of couples in front of a large window. That keeps the wintry scenery in the photo, but changes up the setting a bit.

Be mindful of daylight

“Schedule a ceremony that offers plenty of time for pictures,” Patterson recommends. Keep in mind that in winter, the sun sets earlier, so be sure to get the shots in before dark. “This is even more critical if you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony,” she adds.

Accessorize with color, or a tan

“You can easily add warmth and color to your look by wearing a pretty fur wrap or wool peacoat,” Patterson advises. Another option? “A professional spray tan never hurts.”

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