RandBall: A great Super Bowl no-call

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • February 4, 2013 - 9:50 AM


There will be plenty of lasting images from Super Bowl XLVII, from the power outage to Beyonce, um, shaking it (and pretty much killing it) to Joe Flacco carving up an overrated San Francisco defense.


But the lasting image in our mind will be poor Jim Harbaugh, who seems to be wound tighter than the world's largest ball of twine, running up and down the field, screaming at officials one final time, for a holding call that never came.

And, we should add, thankfully never came. The situation was 4th-and-goal with 1:50 left. The 49ers trailed 34-29 and had the ball at Baltimore's 5. Colin Kaepernick threw a fade pass -- probably our least favorite play, but not an awful decision considering the pressure he was under -- in the direction of Michael Crabtree. Baltimore DB Jimmy Smith engaged Crabtree in some contact. They hand-fought around the goal line. Maybe Smith lingered on Crabtree a little deeper than five yards, but Crabtree was also giving it right back. Crabtree broke free, but the pass eluded his grasp by a couple of feet. And that, essentially, was the ballgame.

Harbaugh, of course, wanted a penalty called. It wouldn't have been an outrage or a terrible call to see a yellow flag. But again, we are so glad it didn't fly. We hate all the advantages given to offenses in the modern NFL. We hate a cheap set of downs that results from questionable pass interference, the most subjective call in all of sports. And we really grew to dislike Harbaugh's sideline demeanor during the game.

Baltimore was the better team with the more composed Harbaugh brother throughout the course of the game. The Ravens deserved the win, and a very good no-call sealed it.

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