Culliver to undergo sensitivity training

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  • February 2, 2013 - 10:51 PM

NEW ORLEANS - San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver will begin sensitivity training and education immediately after the Super Bowl following his anti-gay remarks last week, then is likely to start volunteer work with at-risk homosexual youth nationwide.

Culliver is scheduled to begin working with the Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis and suicide intervention to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, according to his public-relations representative, Theodore Palmer.

"He's so passionate about youth and people being comfortable with who they are and accepted by all," Palmer said Saturday. "He's excited to learn. The plan is with the Trevor Project, and their concerns are that he is genuine about his words."

Palmer said once the education process is completed, Culliver could spend time volunteering at a crisis center and in other formats. "It's just an opportunity for him to learn about his comments and educate himself about the LGBT community, and grow," Palmer said. "It's the first step in learning about his words."

During Tuesday's Super Bowl media day at the Superdome, the second-year defender responded to questions from comedian Artie Lange by saying he wouldn't welcome a gay player in the locker room. He also said the 49ers didn't have any homosexual players and, if they did, those players should leave.

He added he wouldn't welcome a gay teammate -- no matter how talented. "Nah. Can't be ... in the locker room, nah. You've gotta come out 10 years later after that."

He later apologized, facing a large group of media members for nearly an hour Thursday. He realizes some will still question his sincerity.

"I hope people understand because it's coming directly from me and I'm talking to the whole world," Culliver said. "It is not [how I feel] in my heart."

The 49ers had released a statement saying they rejected Culliver's comments, and CEO Jed York vowed to take a leadership role with the LGBT community and groups back home in the Bay Area -- including taking Culliver around himself, he said.

Tuohy: No coincidence

A knowing grin spread across Sean Tuohy's face as he considered the uncanny connections between the hit film that changed his family's life and the fact that Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher will play in his first Super Bowl in the Big Easy.

New Orleans is where Tuohy grew up and went to high school with author Michael Lewis, who wrote "The Blind Side." The book led to the movie, which depicted the Tuohys' rewarding experience as Oher's adoptive family.

Actress Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Sean Tuohy's wife, Leigh Anne, owns a home in New Orleans.

"And there are people that think that's a coincidence," Sean Tuohy said. "How stupid is that?

"We've got a huge sign in our garage that says: 'We believe in miracles,'" he continued. "For other people, it may be hard to understand that. For us, it's easy."

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