Super Bowl of Weather

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  • February 2, 2013 - 7:56 PM

The Super Bowl of Weather

By Todd Nelson

My 8th birthday was spent at a summer campground, fishing for walleye on the wonderful Lake Osakis near Alexandria. It was an overnight severe thunderstorm that nearly tipped our camper that not only freaked me out, but also became an event that steered me into a career that involved weather.

If you're a weather geek like me, consider yourself lucky to be living in an area that can be considered the Super Bowl of weather!

From tornadoes to blizzards, we get it all! Never a dull moment in the Upper Midwest. Just think: The hottest day of 2012 was July 6 (102F); The Twin Cities recorded tornadoes on November 10, a trace of snow on November 11; and just had our coldest night of the winter season with a temp of -13 Friday morning.

"If you don't like the weather in Minnesota, just wait a minute" - From the -13F low temp Friday to high temps midweek nearing the freezing mark, it'll be a regular Minnesota heat wave! Try telling a Floridian that freezing feels 'warm'!

Clippers will bring nuisance snowfall chances through the first half of the week. A more robust system may bring a wintry mix close to home by next weekend... Stay tuned! Todd Nelson



Todd's Star Tribune Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

SUNDAY: Cold start, light snow develops later. High: 13.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Light snow, 1" to 2" possible mainly across Minnesota River Valley. Low: 2

MONDAY: Some sun between clippers. Clouds thicken, more snow overnight. High: 13

TUESDAY: About 1" of snow possible early, warmer. Wake-up: 10. High: 29

WEDNESDAY: Fading sun. Light snow late, mainly north. Wake-up: 9. High: 30

THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy, brief thaw? Wake-up: 21. High: 31

FRIDAY: Blue sky, feeling better out there. Wake-up: 14. High: 33

Saturday: Wintry mix develops. Wake-up: 20. High: 34.



Snow Removal of a Different Kind

I can honestly say I've never tried snow removal with a leaf blower until Friday! Temperature near 0F made for a VERY fluffy 2" - Not sure if my neighbors thought I was weird or not, but it seemed like a GREAT idea at the time!

Watch my video HERE:





A series of fast moving clipper systems will sail through our neck of the woods almost daily until Thursday of next week. Each one will bring a chance of light snow to the area, but it appears the track of each succeeding clipper will be a little farther north. The image below is the snow forecast through AM Tuesday. Light blue indicates the potential of at least 2"




 Snow Meteogram

The image below suggests the amount of snow possible with each passing clipper. Note the frequecy of each light snow accumulation. It won't be a terrible amount with any specific one, but it could add up in the end!




Temperature Meteogram

Colder air is exptected to stick around through the early week, but note the significant jump in highs by the middle/end of the week. High temperatures may consistently be around 30F if not above the freezing mark!




6 to 10 Day Temperature Outlook

After a chilly start to February, it appears that warmer air will settled in to the eastern half of the country over the next 6 to 10 days. The blue out west is in response to a developing low pressure system that could bring more active weather to the central part of the country by next weekend.




Next Week Storm System

The ECMWF (Euro) model suggests a more robust system moving into the mid-section of the nation by next weekend. This may result in a few storms across the Lower Mississippi Valley and snow across the far north. Stay tunded for more!




Thanks for checking in and have a good rest of your weekend!

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