Former Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

Glen Stubbe, Dml - Star Tribune

Letter of the Day (Feb. 3): Amy Koch

  • February 2, 2013 - 7:40 PM

I manage about 10 people in my job. I am married and so are all of my staff.

If I were to engage in an extramarital affair with one of my staff, am I entitled to feel the same sense of outrage that Amy Koch feels if one of my other staff members "leaked" news of my affair ("Koch says affair brought GOP coup," Jan. 27)? Hardly.

My company would run me out on a rail for taking advantage of a subordinate employee under my supervision. Koch says she takes responsibility for her actions, but those words ring hollow with the finger-pointing she's doing now.

Amy, look in a mirror and you will see where the blame lies. You violated the public's trust and your sacred vow of marriage.


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