Morena Baccarin starred as the leader of the alien invasion on the now-canceled ABC series “V.”


TV Q&A: 'V' was doomed by lack of viewers

  • Article by: ROB OWEN
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • February 11, 2013 - 4:48 PM


Q: Do you know why the series “V” never returned to TV?

A: “V” was canceled for the same reason most shows are canceled: financial. In this case, “V” didn’t generate sufficient ratings — not enough viewers tuned in — to warrant ordering additional episodes.

‘Newsroom’ should return soon

Q: When does the new season of “The Newsroom” begin?

A: HBO has not yet announced a premiere date, but it’s expected to be this summer, most likely in June, the same month it premiered in 2012.

‘Last Resort’ has an ending

Q: I have several unwatched episodes of “Last Resort” on my DVR. I know the show hasn’t been renewed, but does this one season have some sort of resolution to the story?

A: “Last Resort” executive producer Shawn Ryan has spoken candidly about the show’s cancellation and said there was time to tweak the last episode so it functioned as a series finale with closure when it aired recently.

Networks are sneaky with starts

Q: CBS and NBC have started to schedule shows at 9:01 or 10:01 that run over into the next hour. Are they doing this to increase the DVR registers of shows that follow popular shows?

A: This practice actually started about a decade ago, and it was indeed done to benefit a network’s ratings and as an effort to force viewers to stay tuned and reduce the risk that they might switch channels between programs. DVRs are new to the equation, but I’m sure networks are trying to maximize their benefit when these devices are taken into consideration, too.

‘Shipping Wars’ gets chummy

Q: I enjoy watching “Shipping Wars” on A&E. I recently noticed that Jenn’s vehicle had the same company name on it as does Roy: Arbie’s Team Transport. Do they all work for Roy? If so, then why bid against each other? They seem to know each other well in the interviews section.

A: According to the show’s publicist, Jenn worked with Roy at one point, but she is primarily an independent shipper.

No special treatment for Apple

Q: “Two and a Half Men” has always used Apple products and shown their logo, but now the same products are covered up. What happened?

A: According to the folks who work on the show, the Apple logo has always been covered up, a typical industry practice for products that aren’t being placed for compensation. There was a mild kerfuffle a few years ago when other logos turned up on Ashton Kutcher’s laptop on the show, but even then the Apple logo was obscured.


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