Dog's illness sends husband and wife to separate bedrooms

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  • February 1, 2013 - 5:52 PM

Dear Prudence: My husband and I are currently arguing about our sleeping arrangements with the dog. He has had his dog for more than 11 years. The dog is sweet, and I love him dearly. The dog has slept in the bedroom with us since we’ve been together, which was fine with me. The dog was recently diagnosed with cancer in his nose. It is a fast-growing cancer and causes him to snort and wheeze all night. I have started sleeping in another room. This upsets my husband because he wants us to be together, but he refuses to sleep away from the dog. I need to sleep. Neither of us will budge. Am I being insensitive about the dog? Is it too much to want to sleep with my husband only if the dog doesn’t keep me up all night?

Rover Roll Over

Prudence says: I can certainly see myself potentially facing this dilemma. My own dog not only sleeps on the bed, she’s in the bed, under the covers, keeping me and my husband one small dog’s length apart.

It’s sad that your beloved pooch is so sick, but it makes no sense for two humans to suffer through this each night just for the sake of both of you being sleep-deprived zombies together. First of all, your husband should check with the vet to see if there’s something that can make the dog more comfortable and his sleep quieter.

If not, then since the dog’s relationship with your husband predates yours, I think that obligates him to play nursemaid, and it sounds as if he wants to. Tell your husband you admire his dedication to the dog and you miss them both each night, but you simply need to forgo your usual connubial bliss until your dog’s suffering comes to an end.

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