TFD: A list of the best teams that didn't play in the Super Bowl only has the 1998 Vikings fourth

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • January 31, 2013 - 5:04 PM

Seeing as how this is Super Bowl week and this is 2013 and there are PAGE VIEWS TO GET, Athlon Sports has compiled a list of the best teams to not make it to the Super Bowl.

Rather than treating this list as salt in the wound -- the 1998 Vikings are inevitably always on these lists -- we are going to call it an insult.

The 1998 Vikings were only listed at No. 4.

Seriously? They have the 1992 49ers, the 1994 Cowboys and the 2004 Steelers ahead of Minnesota. Come on! Then again, they got a key fact wrong in the Vikings paragraph:

This team scored at an alarming rate. Led by Randall Cunningham at quarterback and a trio of playmakers in Robert Smith, Cris Carter and Randy Moss, the Vikings paced the NFL at 34.8 points per game. As well as owning the top offense in the league, Minnesota boasted the No. 6-rated scoring defense and No. 13-rated total defense. One loss to Tampa Bay in the middle of the year was the only regular season blemish and these Vikings came one missed Morten Andersen field goal away from playing in the Super Bowl.

It was, of course, Gary not Morten.

The 2009 Vikings, by the way, got the nod in 13th place.



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