Beyoncé sang — or not — the national anthem during Monday’s inaugural festivities for President Obama.

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C.J.: Readers bash Beyoncé and Kardashian, praise Barlow

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  • January 30, 2013 - 10:02 PM

It's been too long since I've publicly engaged in a little back and forth with e-mailers. Beyoncé (which must be French for lip-synching) and "Today's" Savannah Guthrie and her interview with Kim Kardashian (that wasn't as good as David Letterman's or Jimmy Kimmel's) are among the subjects touched on by readers.

"Beyoncé does everything right. How ironic is it that an important woman of color gets married before having a child, made the father of her baby court her for years before walking down the aisle with him. ... Are you disappointed she's not the typical hoodrat? It's disgraceful how you treat this young lady," wrote Ronald D.

Ronald: Oh, say can you see Beyoncé ever doing anything wrong? I'm a huge proponent of getting married and creating a home before procreating (just ask my nieces and nephews, who want me to shut up on the subject). While Bey's handled her personal business in laudable fashion, if she was too busy preparing for the Super Bowl to rehearse for Inauguration Day, she shouldn't have committed to singing the national anthem. Acoustically speaking, these are two of the toughest venues a singer can tackle. So be authentic and don't phony it up by pulling out an earpiece. Or tell the networks to superimpose the words "Singing with a pre-recorded track" across the TV scene. The only members of the media who haven't been critical of this cheesy lip-synching are those who are 1) friends of Bey's, 2) want to be her friend, 3) want to interview her or 4) want to party with her and Jay Z. I'm in line right behind Sen. Chuck Schumer, awaiting an apology from Bey!

KarTRASHYans thoughts

"Since Kim Kardashian is pregnant, can Kris [Humphries] now charge her with adultery? Just curious! I'm 'team Kris,' by the way," wrote Susan C. from Atlanta, Ga. 

"What Kris Humphries' response should be: 'The dumbest part is that she won't, like, sign the check,'" wrote Scott S.

"Did they ever talk about having kids during his tenure on her show?  Did she ever bring up fertility?  I am not a legal expert, but I was thinking if they talked about kids but she never mentioned her fertility issues, then he has a fraud case there, wouldn't he? I can't believe I am thinking about this!" wrote Karen C.

Karen: On TV, Kris tactlessly told Kim, "Baby, by the time you have kids and they're in school, no one will probably care about you." So we know Kris Humphries thought they were going to have children. Twitter followers might recall that the trail of bread crumbs Kardashian sprinkled in front of Humphries to get him to propose marriage included a photo of him as a small boy which she tweeted with the words: "I want my son to look like this."

Oh, Savannah Guthrie!

"I share your bewilderment why Savannah Guthrie was more of a shill than a journalist or attorney during her interview of Kim Kardashian. Then I remembered the E! reality shows are owned by Comcast/NBC Universal. I wish a disclaimer [had] been included highlighting this fact," wrote Bob G.

"Finally someone I can share my thoughts with re: Savannah. You had to watch [her interview with Kardashian] to understand how bad it was. I'm a lawyer in Duluth and can't tell you the last time I was home sick, but I was [on a recent] Monday and Tuesday. Was home in bed watching the 'Today Show.' That 'Pretty Woman' thing was unbelievably awful. Unfunny, demeaning and just plain stupid. I didn't know she is an attorney; makes it all the more troublesome. I didn't see the Kardashian thing, but it certainly fits with the 'Pretty Woman' segment. I had high hopes for her when she first came on board. They haven't been realized so far," wrote Kurt L.

KSTP meteorologist

"Very nice article on Ken Barlow. I would like to send Ken a note commending him for revealing a very misunderstood illness," wrote Brett D.

Brett: The piece about Barlow living with bipolar disorder attracted 53,000 hits last time I checked. I have instructed Mike Lindell, the MyPillow inventor and CEO, that my Sunday interview with him must surpass that figure. Lindell is confident it will. I'm certain that readers will be amused by the video I shot in the bedroom with Lindell and his fiancée, Dallas Yocum. Pillow fight!!!

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