Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian, still man and wife

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Humphries' lips are sealed in gallant display of respect

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  • January 28, 2013 - 8:10 PM

Kim Kardashian may be running her mouth too much to have noticed that her estranged, annulment-seeking husband, Kris Humphries, hasn't said a word.

While she's been all over TV promoting the next season of her reality show (featuring commentary that trashes Humphries because he hasn't gone along with her divorce plans), he has not said a peep. Not even about Kardashian's pregnancy with rapper Kanye West.

Humphries is not talking, I was told last week, because this decent Minnesotan is trying to give Kardashian the respect he thinks she deserves as his future ex-wife and a pregnant woman.

The Nets player could easily have vented at various venues and websites, sports-related or not, but he's chosen silence. I'm even hearing that Humphries would prefer not haul a pregnant Kardashian into court for what looks like a June trial.

All she has to do is sign annulment papers he filed on their 72-day marriage, because he thinks she entered into the union with the intent of not remaining married. The end.

Humphries' Minneapolis attorney Lee Hutton III had no comment Monday, but he kept chuckling as I ran the hot talk on ABC's "The View" by him.

Quoting the NY Post, Whoopi Goldberg said, "Gossip sites are reporting that Humphries turned down a $10 million divorce settlement from Kardashian because he wants the marriage annulled on the grounds that it was a fraud and publicity stunt."

I'm told there has been no offer of $10 million.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck delivered this gem: "He made the point that he wants to be able to get married in a Catholic church. You are not able to unless you have an annulment."

Ahh, Humphries has not undergone a denominational change. I don't know if Humphries is still affiliated with his local church, but Pastor Joel Johnson's Westwood Community Church is a Baptist house of worship.

Humphries flew Johnson, his childhood pastor, to California to officiate the apparently made-for-TV marriage ceremony. That's the single most compelling evidence that Humphries went into this marriage with a different intent from that of his 72-Day Wife.

No room for Rashad

Sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, a former Viking, reportedly is not being allowed a stylish exit from his marriage to socialite Sale Johnson.

"As we predicted, things seem to be getting more vicious," wrote the NY Post, reporting that Johnson hired a security firm to keep Rashad out of their gated community home in Jupiter, Fla. The eight-year union allegedly hit a roadblock because Johnson didn't want Rashad hanging around with two buddies. They are Michael Jordan, who's building an estate near the Jupiter property, and Tiger Woods, who's already a Jupiter resident.

A former model, Johnson was born wealthy and then married billionaire Johnson & Johnson owner Woody Johnson, according to She left that marriage with an estimated $100 million. Her ironclad pre-nup won't pay Rashad a cent, according to the Post, but he'll be fine because he's reportedly worth $8 million.

Twice I've been on a Minnesota golf course when Rashad and Jordan were playing and neither one of them looked as though Tiger's ever provided a single pointer. I will say Rashad's swing was better than Jordan's. Rashad seemed the type who liked to play golf regardless of how tony the surroundings.

Buzz cuts Woods & Vonn

The unconfirmed romance between Tiger Woods and Minnesota's Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn got a harsh review in "The Week in Buzz" on NBC's "Weekend Today."

There's just something wrong about the stately Lester Holt being reduced to gossiping with co-anchor Erica Hill, E! correspondent Alicia Quarles and comedian Chuck Nice in this segment, but there Holt was opening with: "Why don't we start with Woods?"

With Vonn newly divorced and Woods' situation well known, Quarles averred that Tiger's not the guy for your rebound romance. "She might want to run away from this," said Quarles. Nice riposted: "Actually, maybe Tiger is the one you want to do your rebound with because you know what to expect. He's the spring break of celebrity dating. You don't want to have a real relationship with him because just like spring break it will be very regrettable."

"Name him Cancun, then," intoned Holt.


Woods, who has fueled the romance rumors by being seen in the same exotic locales as Vonn, meanwhile, was spanking the competition at Torrey Pines, where Monday he won the Farmers Insurance Open.

Still waiting for LeMond

Still no response, via Twitter, from Greg LeMond, on whether he's received that apology Lance Armstrong told Oprah he owed his fellow cyclist.

LeMond was among those Armstrong tried to smear while lying about doping.

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