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Minnesota’s waiting children: Marvin

  • January 13, 2013 - 9:41 PM

As a freshman in high school, 14-year-old Marvin is a whiz in math and science classes. He is bright and inquisitive and learns new skills quickly. He loves the newest electronic gadgets and dreams of becoming a video game designer. Playing computer games and reading books are his favorite pastimes, because he can escape into his imagination.

Marvin can't wait to get out his rod and reel for a relaxing summer fishing trip. Fishing on Minnesota lakes is the best way to learn about Marvin and his great sense of humor. Describing himself as shy, creative and loyal, Marvin has been waiting to be adopted for many years, but has not given up hope of finding "a family that is caring, kind and active." He will do well with patient parents who can recognize his strengths and give him the freedom to explore these attributes.

Please contact Cimena Gordon, Wendy's Wonderful Recruiter, 651-224-2172, or Lorenzo Davis at Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN) at 612-746-5129. If you do not have a home study and are wondering how to start your adoption process, visit the MARN website at

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