• January 6, 2013 - 10:53 PM

WHAT GIVES? As broken by, Dr. James Andrews said he never told Mike Shanahan it was OK for Robert Griffin III to return to a game, as the coach claimed.

SPEED IT UP The Packers cut off beer sales at the end of halftime Saturday ... so fans apparently just started drinking earlier, and their rowdiness was captured by Deadspin.

CHAMPIONSHIP RUN Relive all the glory of Team USA's gold medal-winning victory over Sweden in the World Junior Championship in Russia at

So now we know just how precarious the Vikings' 2012 success was -- because for all of Christian Ponder's struggles, they were only a QB injury away from total offensive disarray. Joe Webb was put in a tough position Saturday, one that exposed a critical truth at the worst time: Finding a veteran QB -- as a challenger to Ponder, or at least as a capable backup -- is essential in 2013 after being poorly dealt with in 2012. Other web highlights:

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