Dan Hanrahan, Regis Corp.


Dan Hanrahan, Regis CEO

  • January 5, 2013 - 9:27 AM

« What's special about Regis is what I found at Celebrity Cruises, too. Employees on the floor and throughout the company are passionate about their work. »

About Hanrahan: Following three CEOs in rapid succession, Hanrahan joined the hair care colossus as chief executive in August. Prior to that, he was CEO at Celebrity Cruises, and he held senior management positions at Reebok International, Polaroid, Nestlé Foods and Gallo Winery. At Celebrity Cruises, Hanrahan was credited with reinvigorating the customer experience. Regis shareholders hope he can work such magic again, this time bringing growth to Regis, which has struggled with the economic slowdown.

Personal file: A Wisconsin native, Hanrahan earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin. He lives in Minneapolis and enjoys cycling, swimming, gardening and cross-country skiing. He is engaged and has a son who works for Dunkin' Brands and a daughter who is a senior at the University of Miami.

What's big in 2013: Improving customer service at Regis salons, which include Supercuts, MasterCuts and Cost Cutters. Hanrahan said the company has already started to regain some traction. "It's important to call customers by name in the chair."

Final word: "You can't use men and women waiting longer between haircuts as an excuse for slower business. ... We're in the value business, so even if consumers get their hair cut less frequently, we still want to give them a reason to come to us."


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