Best Buy offers $5 per old cell phone, MP3, gaming hardware et al.

  • Blog Post by: John Ewoldt
  • December 31, 2012 - 2:43 PM



Got an old cell phone, MP3 player or other piece of small electronics that you've been meaning to unload because it's not working or just taking up space in a junk drawer/ Best Buy is offering a $5 gift card (or more) per item for small devices through Jan. 19.


Here is the fine print (there's not a lot).

It must be a laptop, tablet/e-reader, cell phone, MP3, gaming hardware (console and handheld but not games), DSLR or digital point and shoot camera, or a digital camcorder, but it does not have to be in working order. 

Data must be removed from the product beforehand. 

Limit of three trade-in transactions per day per person. 

Devices without visible serial numbers.

It's possible that your item may be worth more than $5 if it's working. Check eBay first. For example, a Motorola Razr flip phone that most people would be proud to carry around seven years ago could be worth $10 to $60 on eBay. And for those who can admit that you're never going to find the time to list it on eBay, Best Buy has your $5 waiting through Jan. 19. 

For more information about locations, guidelines and disposal, go to


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