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Northern Lights: Lives were ordinary, yet extraordinary

  • December 30, 2012 - 11:11 AM

A dozen Minnesotans -— from the powerful to the humble -— who personify the lives we lost in 2012 and the legacy they left to us. We call them the “Northern Lights.”  

One brought the blues to Minnesota, another made art accessible to the blind. They were groundbreaking women, cheeky small-town sportscasters and civic powerhouses. One lifted a native community from poverty to power and wealth. Another graced her neighborhood with kindness and tough love. 

“They can still send their light, even though they stop burning,” performer Kevin Kling observed about one. He could have been talking about them all.

From the Duluth bay front to a rough St. Paul neighborhood to powerful boardrooms, they left a lasting imprint on our state.

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