The iPhone and Eliminating Disjointed, Horribly Expensive Health Care

  • Blog Post by: Eric Schubert
  • December 20, 2012 - 6:29 PM


Our country spends trillions on disjointed, poorly coordinated care, especially for older Americans.  The unneccesary bouncebacks that occur between the emergency room and a person's home take much out of a human being and their loved ones.  And now those bouncebacks will cost hospitals large financial penalties due to the Affordable Care Act.  Could their be a better way?  Yes.

Imagine if physicians and consumers and caregivers could talk with each other and easily share information, instead of wasting time, putting people through unpleasant hospital stays, weakening them further and spending tons of money that could be used in a much better way for the health of Americans. 

This short video by LeadingAge Center for Aging Service Technologies depicts what such a future could look like.  Available technology;  coordination between health care providers, consumers and senior service organizations; and insurance that supports a more seamless communications and care netowrk, could improve many lives in Minnesota and beyond.

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