7 ways to encourage girls in STEM

  • December 14, 2012 - 10:00 PM


As part of "SciGirls," Twin Cities Public Television does outreach to dozens of school districts nationwide, touting the need to get more girls involved in science, technology, engineering and math classes. Part of the message is "the SciGirl Seven," which producers say are proven strategies that teachers, parents or organizations can use to increase girls' interest in STEM courses. The list:

• Collaboration, especially when they can participate and communicate fairly. "Girls are energized by the social parts of science -- working and learning together," the producers note. "Girls are likely to remember not only what they learned but also how they learned it."

• Girls are motivated by projects they find personally relevant and meaningful.

• Girls enjoy hands-on, open-ended projects and investigations.

• Girls are motivated when they can approach projects in their own way, applying their creativity, unique talents and preferred learning styles.

• Positive feedback helps, especially on things they can control, such as effort, strategies and behaviors.

• Girls gain confidence and trust in their own reasoning when encouraged to think critically. "Cultivate an environment where asking questions is a must," the producers say.

• Girls benefit from relationships with role models and mentors.


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