Love to Yahoo!Sports: "I have a very, very good memory"

  • Blog Post by: Jerry Zgoda
  • December 12, 2012 - 9:47 AM

Just when Ricky Rubio's return is almost here, Kevin Love went and dredged up his grievances against Timberwolves management, escalating his feud with David Kahn in a wide-ranging conversation with Yahoo!Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

You can find it, here.

It'll be interesting to see if Love addresses the fallout at Wednesday morning's shootaround or if he runs from the commotion caused by bringing up those grievances again just when the Wolves very soon will get Rubio back

The gist remains, come 2015 Love is gone from Minnesota because Kahn and owner Glen Taylor disrespected him by forcing that four-year, $61 million contract extension on him rather than offering the five-year, $80 million-ish "designated player" slot.

The story reminds that Love isn't nearly over that decision last winter and in it, Love bristles at management questioning his story of how he broke his hand (the knuckle-pushups story), says he has a very long memory and won't forget how Kahn/Taylor forced that four-year contract on him and perhaps even sets up something of a rivalry between him and Rubio, like the KG-Steph Marbury thing from years gone by.

It's interesting how last summer he demanded personnel changes to the team and now in the Yahoo! story laments how the team's roster changes year after year and wonders if there's any kind of real plan to build a contender here.

Yes, there's probably a plan, but the Wolves under Kahn have made bad personnel decision after bad personnel decision, which is probably the biggest reason why Love would opt out of his contract after three seasons in 2015 if he he does.

The question of course is why does Love bring all this up again now?

Love's contract extension doesn't expire until 2015, which still is a long ways off.

The Wolves are betting the NBA labor deal's new punishing luxury-tax penalties will give them the big edge in re-signing him.

The answer may be as simple as Wojnarowski is East Coast-based, the Wolves made their first Eastern trip last week and Woj asked questions and Love answered them honestly over a meal.

Here's my colleague Jim Souhan's column for the Wednesday paper weighing in on the subject.

What are your thoughts?

Love is probably right on most everything he said, but should he keep saying it or just zip it and play?


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