Washington County police blotter

  • December 14, 2012 - 6:13 PM


NOV. 4

Poultry complaint. Police responded to a complaint over a neighbor's chickens in the 14000 block of Afton Boulevard. Police helped the owner of the chickens and the complainant work out a solution using chicken wire between the yards.


NOV. 6

Abandoned vehicle. Police checked on a report of a vehicle that had been parked in the area of 96th Street and Justen Trail for the last two weeks. The complainant said it had been moved several times during that period. Police found the vehicle in the area but determined there was no violation. The owner was contacted and told police he parks there because his girlfriend lives nearby.


NOV. 3

Spotlighting deer. Someone in a red vehicle was reportedly shining a light on deer in a field in the area of Homestead Avenue and 152nd Street. He was gone by the time police arrived.

NOV. 7

Wolf sighting. Police took a report of a wolf near 150th Street between Glenbrook Avenue and Generation Avenue.


NOV. 3

Suspicious activity. An officer was dispatched to the 8100 block of 9th Street on a report of plastic BBs shot at a window. There was no damage to the window, and although the complainant knew of juveniles in the neighborhood with BB guns, he chose not to give out that information.

NOV. 4

Theft. A shotgun and a backpack containing hunting gear, including ammunition, were taken from a locked vehicle in the 2300 block of Hydram Avenue.

NOV. 5

Animal complaint. Someone in the 1100 block of Granada Avenue reported finding and containing a chocolate lab. The officer answering the call recognized the dog from previous contacts. The owner was contacted and warned about allowing the dog to roam at large and not having a license.

NOV. 6

Animal complaint. An officer was dispatched to the 6500 block of 40th Street on a report of turkeys in a yard. The officer found 11 turkeys in the yard. The complainant wasn't sure whether the turkeys were wild or belonged to a neighbor. Police confirmed they were wild.


NOV. 7

Traffic violation. The driver of a vehicle near Scandia Trail and Ozark Avenue was given a written warning when an officer observed them passing another vehicle on the shoulder of the road.


NOV. 6

Scam report. A resident in the 12000 block of 27th Street reported receiving an e-mail from Comcast requesting his credit card and Social Security numbers. After providing the information, the complainant contacted a representative of Comcast, who told him they did not send out the e-mail.


NOV. 1

Theft by swindle. A man shortchanged a new teller for $750 at the Premier Bank in Wal-Mart, 10240 Hudson Road. The man had a stack of small bills and asked her to exchange them for larger ones. He then requested a number of repetitive and confusing money-changing transactions with the teller. A woman who arrived with the man occupied another more experienced employee with questions about opening an account. The bank got good photos of the suspects.

NOV. 7

Junk vehicles. Police advised the owner of a vehicle in the 500 block of Willow Lane that she had two weeks to remove it and two other vehicles from the driveway or be cited under the junk vehicle ordinance.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.

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