The new (old) Star Trek villain

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  • December 6, 2012 - 12:17 PM

 Another lamentably brief one today - we're doing a test-run on a talk show in the sparkling new StarTribune TV studio, and that means, of course, I have to buy new shirts to match the set. They must have covered that in J-school, but I was an English major. Anyway: What everyone on the Geek Side of the human ledger has been waiting for:



That seems to be a Constitution-class vessel going into the drink, no? I’ve no idea what the plot is. Pretty sure he’s not Khan. I heard a whisper that it might be Gary Mitchell, left alone on a planet in the first Trek episode ever aired. He picked up straaange powers when the Enterprise went through the energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy. What they were doing out there, and why they never admitted that they’d gone that far before in subsequent eps, we can chalk up to Roddenberry feeling his way along as the show developed.

The idea of odd energy barriers at the indistinct boundaries with odd properties isn’t entirely ridiculous anymore.

Elsewhere: If you worry that long-form journalism is dead, relax. A writer intends to spend seven years walking 21,000 miles to document the route humans took as they migrated from Africa, crossed over Asia, headed over the Bering Straits, and eventually ran out of space down at the pointy end of South America. Along the way, he’ll take a series of ambient samples every 100 miles - a panoramic picture, sound, interview with anyone who might happen to be nearby. Here’s the part that stuck out to me:

The "ideal," Salopek said, is to walk continuously, preferably alongside local people, as opposed to going back home once in a while. Payne said Salopek will take periodic pauses to write and reflect, and his wife, visual artist and Out of Eden project manager Linda Lynch, might join him during those.

Any husband who’s hestitated to tell his wife that he’s going to be out of town on business for the whole week has to wince: Man, how did that go over? Say, I got a new idea, hon; I’m going to walk around for seven years, but I’ll be home for dinner Nov. 22nd, 2019. You want me to pick up milk on the way back?

Off to the studio; see you here with more tomorrow.

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