• Blog Post by: Jim Williams
  • December 5, 2012 - 12:37 PM

 As long as the temp offered some above-freezing respite each day, birds could find melt water to drink. Not so today, with colder weather. Consequently, the bird bath on our deck has been busy all morning. It's as well-used today as I've ever seen it. Six and seven birds at a time are coming to drink. Water is an issue for birds as much as for all else touched by the drought. If you have water for the birds, keep the container filled, keep the water fresh and clean. If you want more birds in your yard, water is a good idea. The photo shows a Red-bellied Woodpecker drinking about noon today. The water is in a pan held by the wooden frame. There is a heating coil embedded in the pan bottom. Ours it set on a patio table on our deck. The photo was taken through a patio door.

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