Gleeman And The Geek Ep 70: Denard Span for Alex Meyer

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  • December 2, 2012 - 8:47 PM

Aaron and John record an emergency podcast to talk about the trade sending Denard Span to the Nationals for pitching prospect Alex Meyer, what it means for Chris Parmelee, how Span went from prospect bust to underrated big leaguer, why letter grades for prospects can lead to arguments, dropping Deolis Guerra from the 40-man roster, adding Jeff Clement for Triple-A depth, and why Hulkamania will never die. Here are:


Twins Daily will be the place to be all week during the Winter Meetings as rumors roll in. Over at the Twins Talk forum, not only are there comments on all our stories, but there is also talk about two different Braves pitchers that might have been available, how many runs the Twins will give up by losing Denard Span, and of course more Twins/Red Sox speculation.

If you're looking for another podcast, Seth Stohs joined the Talk to Contact podcast. Seth also conducted his first  "12 Questions" with Twins minor league pitcher David Hurlbut.

And finally, there was a good debate on some new sabrmetric research surrounding "framing" pitches. Unfortunately, it started because Ryan Doumit could be exceptionally bad at it, costing Twins pitchers upwards of 20+ runs per year.



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