Villaume: Vikings at High Noon

  • Blog Post by: Louis Villaume
  • December 2, 2012 - 11:13 AM

 I first watched High Noon in a high school Humanities class. The teacher wanted us to understand the emphasis on time. The train was coming with the guys that wanted to kill Gary Cooper. Grace Kelly, his Mormon wife just married, abhorred violence, and wanted to leave town. Cooper refused. Only the rest of the town's cowardice, or personal issues, kept them from offering a helping hand. He was alone.

And the time was ticking.

The Minnesota Vikings have a long history of success against the Packers. Maybe not in recent memory, but certainly most of us of age remember complete dominance in different times. Even as late as the Randy Moss era we experienced the joy of winning in Lambeau. Sweeping Green Bay is akin to Christmas in Minnesota.

But times are changed.

This Vikings team is 6-5 and staring at two games vs. Green Bay, Houston, and Chicago in the remaining five. That's tough. That's meaner than a handful of bad guys off a train. And with Percy Harvin hurt, a 2nd year quarterback, and a waning fan base, the idea that Minnesota can pass Seattle and Tampa Bay in the final stretch of the season is nearly unfathomable.

Maybe we should just get on that train.

But it is the rivalry. I have no doubt the Viking players will show up to play. Sadly, the Packers are coming off of a humiliation much like the Bears were a week before. Good teams tend to play inspired a week after they are beaten. Aaron Rodgers was average at best last week and the odds he plays poorly twice in a row slim. The only hope Minnesota fans have is that the Purple pass rush has like success against the Green Bay front line. Last week we saw that Rodgers can look almost like Ponder when battered and pressured. And that is with receivers like Jordy Nelson.

So the clock ticks. 

Most of us have already conceded this season, at least in our hearts. We watch the final five games weighing draft choice position with pride. We take solace in the fact that this team was 3-13 last season, and just as bad the season before. 6-5 looks pretty good in comparison. We know there are two division home games that we have a better chance in, and a road game at St. Louis that is winnable. If somehow we could win this one or in Houston, the long odds of a playoff visit stay alive and the town will rejuvenate.

We may learn that fate at 12:00 today.





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