Time tips for teens

  • November 28, 2012 - 3:00 PM


To develop a healthy relationship with time, try a few of these tips:

Prioritize. Periodically re-evaluate whether your activities are enjoyable and how important they are.

Sleep. Six hours isn't enough. Experts recommend eight to nine hours of sleep a night.

Take time for family. Studies have shown that when families spend more time together, such as during meals, kids do better emotionally and academically.

Schedule unstructured time. Set aside at least an hour a day to do something stress-relieving such as exercising or spending time with friends.

Listen to your body. Stress can manifest itself in the form of headaches, stomachaches and chronic fatigue. Reducing stress may help you to be more productive, have more energy and feel better.

Put electronics away. Charge phones and computers outside of your room. Checking messages cuts into sleep time.


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