"Men in Black III" with Josh Brolin, left, and Will Smith has its moments,but falls short.

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Short Circuits: 'MIB III' on video, iPhone publishing and more

  • November 27, 2012 - 8:42 AM


Time runs out for 'MIB'

There are a couple of real pleasures in "Men in Black III," the third installment of the sci-fi adventure comedy series about cops policing a shadow world of aliens living among us. It comes out Friday on DVD and Blu-ray (Sony, $31-$56).

The most satisfying is the setup: In a time-travel scenario, Agent J must go back to 1969 to prevent the murder of his partner, Agent K. That affords the film an opportunity to make fun of the '60s. Until Agent J "time jumps" into the past, however, the movie feels flat-footed and lazy, reprising old jokes and sight gags from the earlier films.

Adding to the list of misfires is Emma Thompson as Agent O, the head of the MIB agency. Seemingly intended to add spice, the actress is hopelessly wasted.

Finally, there's the tone. In earlier incarnations, the "Men in Black" franchise struck a happy balance between sly humor and slimy alien action. This third outing climaxes with a dark and melodramatic twist that, while adding a layer of nuance and back story, also feels out of sync with its audience's expectations.

The DVD includes a gag reel and making-of featurette, while the Blu-ray adds more featurettes.


Colin Covert's take: "Men in Black III" throws lots of talent at the screen, but it's hampered by a patched-together script, haphazard direction and an ending that isn't exciting enough.

Out Tuesday:

Movies: "The Apparition," "The Day," "Lawless," "ParaNorman," "Sparkle," "Step Up Revolution."

TV: "Hot in Cleveland" (Season 3), "Luck" (Season 1).


Headphones that fit

MEElectronics' in-ear sports headphones, Sport-Fi M6 ( have an over-the-ear design with a stainless steel memory wire. This enables you to get the right fit over your ear but then have the same fit each time they are taken off and then put back on.

Six different-sized ear tips are included to get the right comfort in your ear, along with a tangle-resistant cord for the great sounding headphones, which bass enthusiasts will love.

The're available in black, clear, orange, pink, purple, teal and white with a color matching carrying case for $30. If you want it with an inline microphone, black is your only choice for $35.



Publish from iPhone

Photo albums are a great way to document memories. But in today's digital world, putting one together can be a long process of templates and re-sizing and re-coloring. Ever wish it could just be simpler? Now it is, with a new app called Mosaic (free) that allows you to pick, place and publish, right from your iPhone.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Mosaic allows users to select 20 pictures from their phone, arrange them in a 7-inch-square photo book, and order a copy for $20 to be delivered in four days or less.

The app website boasts: "Mosaic is something entirely new. It's the photos you just took. It's an app that's fast and seamless. It's a first of its kind book delivered to your door. It's something you'll love."

Download the app off iTunes, choose your photos and get started. Your photo book is just a few days away.


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