Single-sort recycling in Mpls.

  • November 12, 2012 - 7:54 PM

Minneapolis on Monday began rolling out thousands of new single-sort recycling bins to households across the city, allowing residents to stop separating recyclables into numerous containers. But until they get the new bins, people should continue sorting such things as papers, plastics and metals.

Why is this happening?

City officials hope that making recycling easier will exponentially increase participation. The city's recycling rate has been stuck around 18 percent of total waste for many years. Specifically, they anticipate doubling the rate by 2015.

When will I get a single-sort bin?

The city is delivering the bins in two stages, starting with about 30,000 this month. The rest will be sent out in spring 2013. Residents will get a mailing before their bin arrives. To find out when yours is coming, check this map:

What should I do with the old bin?

Whatever you want! They have obvious applications for storage. If you leave them in the collection area, however, the city will recycle them.


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