La MontaƱa turning into a molehill

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  • November 9, 2012 - 1:41 PM


The Mountain diisappears

The Mountain diisappears

By Steve Brandt

The North Side hill that some Spanish-speaking youth soccer players living nearby dub La Montaña has been rapidly turning into a molehill this week at the Heritage Park development just off N. 7th Street.

The youths complained that the brushy hill contained transients who were drinking and harassing their sisters.  They got Council Member Don Samuels to promise to have crews truck away the hill, which is actually a pile of construction fill excavated years ago when the development was built.  Not uncoincidenttally, the futbolers think that the triangular parcel adjacent to Cityview Apartments, where many of them live, would make a dandy soccer field.

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