Deaths elsewhere

  • November 7, 2012 - 8:50 PM

Teri Shields, who began promoting and managing the career of her daughter, actress Brooke Shields, when she was an infant and later earned criticism for allowing her to be cast as a preteen prostitute in the 1978 film "Pretty Baby," has died. She was 79. Teri Shields' single-minded promotion of her daughter's career began when Brooke was 11 months old, when her mother arranged for her to be showcased in an advertisement for Ivory soap. By the time Brooke was 10, her mother had allowed the strikingly attractive child to be photographed nude for a Playboy Press publication, although she and her daughter later tried unsuccessfully to suppress those photos. Two years later, Brooke starred as the child prostitute in "Pretty Baby," directed by Louis Malle. Despite those conflicts, mother and daughter remained close.

Han Suyin, a physician and author known for writing the sweeping novel that became the Hollywood film "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing" and for her outspoken championing of China under Mao Zedong, died Friday at her home in Lausanne, Switzerland. The daughter of a Chinese father and a Belgian mother, Han was born and reared in China but wrote primarily in English and French. In more than two dozen books, including laudatory biographies of Mao and Zhou Enlai, she had the singular task, during the 1950s and afterward, of simultaneously explaining China to the West and the West to China.

Thomas K. McCraw, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian who used biography to explore thorny issues in economics, died Saturday in Cambridge, Mass. He was 72. McCraw won the Pulitzer for history in 1985 for "Prophets of Regulation: Charles Francis Adams, Louis D. Brandeis, James M. Landis and Alfred E. Kahn."


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