RandBall: Imagining if Ozzie Guillen managed the Twins

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • October 23, 2012 - 3:24 PM


Back when the Twins were winning AL Central titles (remember that! Fight back those tears!) and the White Sox were consistently playing the role of the Washington Generals by seeming to always crumble in big games against the Twins, a sort of mutual admiration society began to happen between Ozzie and the locals.


Ozzie always talked about how much he loved the ways the Twins played, even giving them a mostly endearing nickname (Piranhas) that stuck for many years.

Twins fans (and Gardy, too) seemed to enjoy the fact that on-field and post-game Ozzie was bat-[redacted] insane at times. It was just good fun. A perfect little rivalry.

Well, Guillen departed the White Sox to take over the job with the Marlins. And today, after just one year on the job, he was fired.

This sets up the completely impossible yet delicious to think about notion of Ozzie someday managing the Twins. We think Gardy is fairly getting another shot in 2013. We also think there would be tons of things that would make Guillen-to-the-Twins a complete disaster.

But wow, just think about how fun it would be.

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