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Saturday letters correction (Oct. 13)

  • October 13, 2012 - 5:19 PM

Due to a processing error, a letter regarding the marriage amendment was incorrectly attributed to Michael Hindin of St. Louis Park in the Saturday print edition of the Star Tribune and temporarily on the website. The letter was written by Kevin and Sandra O'Brien of Minneapolis. Both letters, correctly attributed, appear below:

* * *

I support Archbishop Nienstedt's First Amendment right enforce church teaching and rules on Catholic marriage. The same amendment protects the church from marrying anyone outside of its rules. The Catholic Church hierarchy insists on enforcing church will and teachings by co-opting civil authority via laws and the marriage amendment. Church civil governance has gone badly for Catholics and non Catholics alike. (Study the Inquisition, heresy, anti-Semitism, royalty, colonization, birth control, or the Crusades.) My family fled places where many were tortured or slaughtered for not submitting to the church's will. I resent church interference in my family's life decisions from conception, marriage, health care and dying.

The marriage amendment won't enhance Catholic marriage, or mine; yet, the Archbishop seeks via amendment to enforce church teachings on all Minnesotans.

America's founders wisely wrote the First Amendment to protect us from such state enforced religious law and to protect religious practice from the state. Defend our Constitution and all Minnesota families against imposition of church law. Vote no on all constitutional meddling.


* * *

As lifelong Catholics, we have always been very concerned for dignity and justice for the poor, the vulnerable, for any group that has no voice -- and that includes gays and lesbians, who currently have no voice in the Catholic Church. As Catholics, we have always been taught to see with different eyes, to think for ourselves, and to follow our consciences. But again and again now, we are hearing from the archbishop, who is telling us there is no room for dialogue on this subject.

Apparently the primacy of conscience does not apply on this issue, and we are to stop thinking and stop following our own consciences. Meanwhile he funnels more and more church money into a political campaign that is encouraging us to vote to enshrine in the Constitution a law that will alienate an entire group of people.

For us to say that this goes against our Catholic sense of justice and what we know about God's all encompassing love is an understatement. The archbishop is making assertions based on human interpretation, and we know the church has been wrong in the past. As faithful Catholics, we disagree with the archbishop, and we will be voting against the marriage amendment because of our faith, and not in spite of it.


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