Sunday Insider: Northern Intelligence

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG
  • Star Tribune
  • October 13, 2012 - 6:39 PM

The Bears have beaten four teams with a combined 8-10 record. That has some in Chicago wondering if the Bears are simply getting fat on bad teams. But that 20-point win over Indy sure looks a lot better now after the Vikings and Packers both lost to the Colts. And a rout at Dallas has to be worth something, too. And, oh yeah, this team has 17 takeaways, 13 interceptions and five defensive scores. All three lead the league, so, yeah, this team isn't bad.

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Lions receiver Calvin Johnson had an entire bye week to reflect on the beating that the Vikings laid on him two weeks ago. So Johnson declared this week that Detroit's receiving corps has a new motto: "No more Mr. Nice Guy." "It's about hitting guys and getting on the safeties and not letting them have an easy day defending the pass," Johnson told reporters last week.

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Speaking of turnovers, where the heck are they in Green Bay? The Packers are tied for 17th in the league in turnover margin at minus-1. The offense has done a decent job, with only five giveaways. It's Dom Capers' usually greedy defense that is dropping the ball. Or at least not picking it off or up enough. A year ago, the Packers had 13 takeaways through five games, including eight on the road. This year, the Packers have only five takeaways, including one on the road.

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