Sing-a-long with eggs

  • Blog Post by: Lee Svitak Dean
  • October 10, 2012 - 12:06 PM


Photo by Richard Sennott/ Star Tribune

Photo by Richard Sennott/ Star Tribune

"The incredible, edible egg."

It's a catchy line and an even more catchy tune that has lasted for 35 years as a promotion for the American Egg Board

And now it has an update: The tune is the same but most of the words have changed. The resulting jingle refers in a humorous way to new nutritional data on eggs, in the too-many-words-in-too-little-time rush employed by drug companies explaining all their side effects. (What could possibly be new about eggs? The USDA notes that they have 14 percent less cholesterol and 64 percent more vitamin D.) 


In recognition of the longevity of the jingle, the egg board is holding a contest, looking for videos of real people singing the new jingle -- or their own version of it. For inspiration, the board has created its own video of egg farmers singing the tune (below). Grand prize is a package of tech items worth up to $4,000 (iPhone, iPad, sound system and more). Fourth prize is a year's supply of eggs.

Here are the basics of the contest:

* The video has to be at least 30 seconds long, but no more than 2 minutes.
* Lyrics and music can be edited or changed up.
* The contest ends Nov. 6, 2012. 
* To enter the contest, go to its Facebook page at Incredible Edible Egg.

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The jingle was created in 1977 by the then newly established American Egg Board, which was trying to increase egg consumption, which had fallen since the 1940s.  


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