MSP travelers now have access to free Wi-Fi

  • October 6, 2012 - 2:49 PM
MSP travelers now have access to free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi finally landed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport last week. Advanced Wireless Group (AWG), which offers wireless Internet at Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles and other airports nationwide, began providing the service at the airport on Wednesday. Users may encounter a video advertisement before they can go online for a free 45-minute session; advertising revenue will offset the cost of the service. A commercial-free service, with four times the speed, is available for $2.95 per 24 hours. Before the shift to AWG, all Wi-Fi use at MSP was fee-based. AWG is upgrading existing equipment to accommodate the anticipated growth in the number of users at the airport, where the public terminal space covers 2 million square feet. For details about how to access the Wi-Fi, go to


First-class fares falling for travel in the U.S.

Now might be your chance to fly at the front of the plane. A couple of weeks ago you could find first- and business-class deals to international destinations. There are great fares that put first-class travel within reach on domestic routes, as well. You can find these deals for travel through mid-December and some routes are available through Feb. 28. Many of these fares are available for Thanksgiving travel, especially if you depart the weekend before Thanksgiving.


Exchange leftover euros

To exchange leftover euros, you can head for the nearest Travelex office. Or try your local airport if it services international flights. Many banks no longer provide this service, or provide it only in major branches. If you're a Bank of America account holder, you can check to find branches that exchange currency. Wells Fargo also accepts foreign currency (bills only) at its International Teller sites.


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