Elfin marriage amendment signs go up, down

  • Blog Post by: $author
  • September 28, 2012 - 9:48 AM


No, the legendary Lake Harriet elf hasn't gone political.

That's despite the miniature bright orange signs that sprang up in front of the elf's abode last weekend advocating a vote against the proposed Minnesota marriage amendment..

Two friends, Bev Luther of Minneapolis and Jane Holzer of St. Paul, placed the tiny lawn signs in the front yard of the elf's ash tree while on a bike ride Saturday morning.

MPLS contacted the elf's alter ego, the identity of whom has been a closely kept secret for the 18 years the south Minneapolis man has been answering notes from children left at his doorway in the tree's base.  

As a squatter on Park Board property, the elf walks a fine line. "He tries to keep a low profile but he's a firm believer in civil rights," this reporter was told.  The signs were gone by Thursday; the Park Board prohibits political or commercial advertising on its property..  The elf, who works only seasonally, shut down on Wednesday until next spring.

But a photo of the lawn signs has reached almost 2,000 shares on Facebook as of this writing, which suits Luther fine, since she and Holzer hoped the stunt would stimulate conversation about the amendment..


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