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  • September 29, 2012 - 1:28 PM
It's time to move on Thanksgiving fares

With less than two months before Thanksgiving, experts say now is the best time to book airfare for many travelers. Fares during the week of Thanksgiving are already up 6 percent compared with last year, reports Travelers with the least leeway to wait are those who want to travel the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or head home the Sunday or Monday afterward. Those tend to be among the busiest travel days of the year, which means flights sell out early, says Courtney Scott, a spokeswoman for Pricing is typically better on off-peak days, notably Thanksgiving Day and the Saturday after it, she said.


Broadway tickets: Buy ahead or try TKTS?

Hankering to see a Broadway show and hoping to score discount day-of-show ticket booth in Times Square? Well, take into consideration two things: the show you want to see, and whether you want to stand in line for tickets. TKTS, the discount booth in Times Square, is awesome, but you're not going to get "Book of Mormon" seats at 50 percent off there. If you're interested in seeing a less-popular show, and you don't mind spending part of your time waiting in line, then you can risk it.


Carry-ons often get gate-checked for free

Regional jet overhead bins are too small to accommodate some carry-on bags, even if they conform to the airline's published size limits. But as long as your bag conforms, you should be able to check your bag at the gate for free. You can find carry-on limits online.


Website lets you lock in airfare - for a fee

For as little as $15, the website lets you purchase the option to lock in a rate for a flight. There's no obligation to purchase the ticket; Steadyfare just guarantees the rate if you decide later you want it. It's ideal for "maybe" fliers.


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