Hüsker Brew: More than a coffee party

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  • September 27, 2012 - 11:40 AM

Last-minute reminder for coffee geeks – and craft beer geeks and pig roast geeks (is there such a thing?). If you’re into these sorts of delicious things, clear your schedule for Thursday night’s Hüsker Brew. The two-phase party (free!) is hosted by Sprudge (the much-loved Portland-based coffee website) and Café Imports, one of the country’s most acclaimed specialty importers (located right here in the Twin Cities). Here’s what’s brewing:

Phase one 5:30 p.m.: A public cupping featuring microroasters from across the world in Café Imports warehouse. (Address: 600 NE. Hoover St., Mpls.) Afterward, everyone will walk over to Café Imports’ neighboring main office for…

Phase two 6:30 p.m.: This is the culinary cupping portion, i.e. party time. They’re calling it a harvest festival of homegrown Minnesota eats and drinks. (Address: 2617 E. Hennepin Av., Mpls.) There will be live music too. Here’s the food line up:

More info here.

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