Minnesota Timberwolves' Chase Budinger

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Randball's Week 3 fantasy football guest picker: Chase Budinger

  • September 20, 2012 - 8:58 AM
Week 3 of the Page 2 Fantasy Football Challenge is upon us. Each week, a guest picker chooses a quarterback, wide receiver and running back who he or she believes will score big in fantasy that week. The only players off-limits are those selected by the previous week's guest picker. The guest -- new Wolves forward Chase Budinger -- will go head-to-head against Star Tribune writer Michael Rand, who is not allowed to pick anyone ranked in the top 10 by experts at their respective positions:


QB: Eli Manning, Giants fantasy QB rank: No. 9. Matchup: Panthers

It's a Thursday night game, and also I know the Panthers defense is not the greatest in the NFL. Eli Manning is going to have a big, big throwing night. His confidence is very high right now.

WR: Reggie Wayne, Colts fantasy WR rank: No. 15.

Matchup: Jaguars

My wild card. He's going to surprise a lot of people. I think Andrew Luck found his go-to guy in Reggie Wayne. Those two are going to connect on a couple touchdowns this next week.


RB: Frank Gore, 49ers fantasy RB rank: No. 14.

Matchup: Vikings

Frank Gore is a beast. And I will probably be seeing him in person this weekend. So hopefully he will have a good game, but with the Vikings coming out on top.


QB: Andy Dalton, Bengals fantasy QB rank: No. 19. Matchup: Redskins

Washington has ex-Vikings Cedric Griffin and Madieu Williams playing prominent roles in its secondary. The Redskins have given up an NFL-high six TD passes. These facts seem to be related.

WR: Miles Austin, Cowboys fantasy WR rank: No. 16

Matchup: Buccaneers

The Bucs have given up 801 passing yards in two weeks. Tony Romo spreads the ball around, but the smart money is on Austin to cash in with a nice game here.

RB: Michael Bush, Bears fantasy RB rank: No. 12

Matchup: Rams

Technically, I could have taken Week 2 hero Reggie Bush again since he's still ranked outside of the top 10 by experts. But with Matt Forte hobbled, let's give another Bush a try.

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