Sun Country sale

  • Blog Post by: $author
  • September 18, 2012 - 9:37 AM

Sun Country has a great sense of timing  (and humor). Just as temps drop, giving us a real reminder of winter to come, the hometown airline has dropped its prices for some fall and winter airline tickets. Flights to Phoenix, San Diego, Fort Myers and other warm-weather spots are discounted. Book by September 27 for travel through February 13. Best rates are subject to availability, and blackout dates around the holidays are in place. If you're looking to fly this fall or winter, now may be a good time to book with Sun Country or other airlines, which may drop fares to compete. If you wind up on a Sun Country plane, check out the safety information card. It never hurts to get a refresher course, but you might be amused, too. In the cartoon showing the "brace positions," there are three rows of passengers. Two have their forearms and face pressed to the seat in front of them. One is fully bent over, face against knees. That one happens to be a ballerina, who clearly is the most flexible of the bunch.

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