Kurt Strazdins, KRT

Letter of the Day (Sept. 8): Pedestrians

  • September 7, 2012 - 6:57 PM

What a tragedy for the family from France who lost their daughter in a pedestrian-car accident in St. Paul ("Exchange student struck by SUV dies," Sept. 4). She'd come here to study at Macalester College. Also tragic was the report of the elderly San Antonio couple who were hit and killed while walking on Hwy 10 ("Mayor: Deaths point to need to rework Hwy. 10," Sept. 4).

Recently, my husband and I were driving in St. Paul, past the University of St. Thomas. Although we had a green light, a young woman crossed on red in front of us. We were able to avoid her, but the most disconcerting fact was that we never saw her turn her head to check for cars before stepping off the curb. (For the record, she was not using her cellphone.)

Young people and students: You are not invincible. Please be careful out there. And remember the rule when walking where there are no sidewalks: Always walk along the lane against traffic so you can see what is coming toward you.


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