Rev. Jackson: One First Lady babysat, one hired baby sitters

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  • September 5, 2012 - 10:50 AM
Jeff Wheeler photo

Jeff Wheeler photo

Rev. Jesse Jackson, firing up a Wednesday morning breakfast meeting of the Minnesota delegates at the Democratic National Convention, said the speeches by “the two First Ladies” symbolized the differences between the two parties.
Comparing Michelle Obama’s speech Tuesday night to last week’s Republican convention address by Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Jackson called it “the contrast between those who hired babysitters, and those who sat for other people’s babies. Michele represents those who sat for other people’s babies and raised other people’s children.”
The civil rights leader and former presidential candidate also had fighting words for the GOP Tea Party movement, saying, “This is not the Boston Tea Party, this is the Fort Sumter Tea Party.”
Jackson was not a scheduled speaker at the delegation breakfast. He just stopped in on his way to a chat with the Georgia delegation, which is sharing a hotel in Charlotte with the Minnesotans.
“Nobody in their right mind can bypass Wellstone-Humphrey country,” he said, with Wellstone’s son, David Wellstone, in attendance.

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