Melodee Hoffner, wife of Minnesota State University, Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner was flanked by her attorney Gerald Maschka as she read a statement saying her husband is innocent of child porn charges filed against him.

Jerry Holt, Star Tribune

Letter of the Day (Aug. 29): Mankato coach

  • August 29, 2012 - 1:44 PM

Melodee Hoffner (wife of Minnsota State University, Mankato, football coach Todd Hoffner, who was arrested on child pornography charges) says that her family was only doing "what every family does" -- taking "videos and pictures of our kids in all their craziness" ("Coach's wife: Porn charge baseless," Aug. 29).

Todd Hoffner may be guilty of nothing more than taking those videos, but his wife should know that "every family" does not have those types of videos of their children. Most families do not have images of their children spreading their buttocks and fondling themselves, as the charges allege, and most families would not think it is just "silly."

Most people nowadays are careful not to show their children's private parts even when they take "bathtub" pictures. It is not because they are teaching their children to be ashamed; it is because they are aware that others might think differently were they to see such photos.

LINDA DALEY, Bloomington

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