Visit the Hort building -- and US -- at the State Fair.

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  • August 23, 2012 - 9:59 AM

You know it is State Fair time when you see a trailer full of sheep driving down 35W at 2 in the afternoon.  The hay was

carefully piled on top of the truck’s cab and the sheep were happily smiling at those of us staring back at them. 


There’s so much to love about the Fair, but I must admit, my favorite building is the Horticulture Building.  I usually start off in the building at the honey ice cream line.  Then I see some friends, admire the photography and check out the fascinating honey exhibits.  Make sure to check out the thousands of colors of honey, it’s amazing. 

I always make my way to the apples.  My husband gets one kind and me another and we taste the difference.  Then I wander and read and learn.  It’s fantastic.  Last year, my visit to the fair prompted me to plant a green manure crop of buckwheat near my beehives.  The girls liked it so I’ll probably plant it again, the soil really needs help.


If I’m lucky, we are there on the day of the floral show.  I’ve entered a floral competition and it isn’t easy.  When you look at a Hosta leaf in a bottle, you might think, nothing to it, I could win that.  Go ahead and try.  The judges look at everything!  How healthy is the plant, is it symmetrical, is it displayed properly.  There are rules!  But don’t get me wrong, there is also quite a bit of satisfaction when you see you name displayed next to a ribbon!  Then you can say You Did It!!!!


A few of us GreenGirls will be at the Fair!  Friday 8/24, Monday 8/27 and Wednesday 8/29 from 3 PM-4.  Stop by the Star Tribune booth and take the Compost Quiz!

Do you enjoy the Hort building?  Have you ever exhibited?  Share!

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