Do you have a used-car horror story?

  • Blog Post by: Jane Friedmann
  • August 20, 2012 - 5:32 PM
Have you ever bought a used car only to have it shudder and grind to a halt minutes or hours after driving it off the lot?
Did the check-engine light the dealer assured you always illuminates with a full tank of gas actually turn out to indicate a failed transmission?
Did you encounter other major issues shortly after buying a used car?
Whistleblower would like to hear your tale.
How was the car described? Were any guarantees made?
Did you notify the business of the problems?
How long do you think a used car should reasonably last without needing major repair work?
Contact me at, call Whistleblower at 612-673-4271 or mail a letter to 425 Portland Av., Minneapolis, MN 55488, attention Jane Friedmann.


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