Rick Nease, Detroit Free Press/MCT

Letter of the Day (Aug. 19): Democracy

  • August 17, 2012 - 5:36 PM

Last's week's primary election turnout reflected a serious problem: Democracy in Minnesota is in a near-death state, with fewer than 10 percent of voters participating. The Star Tribune Editorial Board suggests that we fix this problem by having earlier voting or using ranked-choice voting.

Unfortunately, that doesn't get at the real cause: voter apathy and a growing disenchantment with government in general. When Congress has an approval rating of 10 percent and our state government is only slightly better at 17 percent, there should be great concern that our democracy is in serious trouble.

Citizens don't see a need to vote, because they have lost faith in the governmental process. The sad part is that people around the world, from Syria to Egypt to Libya, have died in recent years for the simple right to participate in their governments through voting. It's time to remind the Minnesotan and American public that voting is a responsibility for democracy to thrive. Cherish and exercise the right to vote.


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