Gerald T. Casey's story

  • August 15, 2012 - 2:59 PM

My great grandfather, Patrick Casey, was the first white settler in Darwin Township of Meeker County, filling his claim in 1856.

In August of 1862 Patrick, his wife, Hannorah, and children Patrick, Bridget and Mary were living on their homestead located on the north shore of Casey Lake.

The family had always had friendly relations with the local Dakota so when trouble broke out in Acton Township, just 10 miles away, Patrick's friend among the Dakota warned him to get his family to the fort. 

Gathering up the children, they fled to Forest City where settlers quickly erected a stockade.

From Forest city, the family went to Minneapolis (St. Anthony then).  They returned to Darwin in 1865.
After their return, the government paid them $300 for what they lost in the Indian raids, with which they rebuilt their farm.

Gerald T. Casey

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