Carrie Bisson's story

  • August 13, 2012 - 6:52 AM

Seated in the center of this photo is my great-great-grandmother. She survived the forced march to Fort Snelling. 

Rolls of that time indicate she had 4 children, the youngest an infant, an elderly parent, one horse and a wagon upon arrival.   

Her journey was documented in her obituary when she passed. Her husband's execution was stayed by Lincoln.  

I grew up in the Minneapolis School system. As a Dakota descendant I have been done a great disservice by having the information about the history of these sites swept under the rug.  

In 1988, as a result of elders in Santee, Neb., and others scattered around the US, our family has had several family reunions.

We came to touch the Earth of our ancestors, and remember. As a direct result of this healing within our own family, younger generations have sought out language and cultural preservation.

Make no mistake,  this has nothing to do with casinos. This is about cultural preservation and heritage. It is about healing and reconciliation. Money is not something our Mother Earth has provided us with. It does not nourish our souls.  

Carrie Bisson

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