Minneapolis Wi-Fi network is almost done

  • March 11, 2008 - 11:59 PM

The Minneapolis Wi-Fi network will be completed by March 29, and citywide marketing of the high-speed Internet service will begin on that day, network builder US Internet of Minnetonka said Tuesday.

The Wi-Fi network had been scheduled for completion on Tuesday, but it was delayed by cold weather, said Joe Caldwell, the company's marketing vice president.

As previously reported, some dead spots in the network -- primarily from Lake of the Isles to Loring Park and Lowry Hill -- will persist until summer. Minneapolis city officials say it will take that long to order and install new light poles capable of holding Wi-Fi radio equipment; decorative poles in those areas aren't tall enough or strong enough.

Excluding the dead spots, US Internet has installed Wi-Fi equipment in all parts of the city except a three-square-mile area near Lake Nokomis, Caldwell said.

However, that doesn't mean everyone else in the city can order service. US Internet is accepting orders only in areas shown on a map on the company's website. (Go to and click on the photo of the Stone Arch Bridge to see where service already is being marketed.) Orders will be taken from the whole city (except the dead spots) on March 29, Caldwell said.

Current customers using Ruckus modems supplied by the company have reported mixed Wi-Fi service quality, but Caldwell said new antennas for the modems improve reception.


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